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In Memory of Louis Seymour and his biographer, Harvey Dunham

Harvey Dunham, the author of Adirondack French Louie and his singing buddies Billy Collyer and Lloyd Blankman (left to right.)

Photo courtesy Edward Blankman
(The Lloyd Blankman Collection)

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If you've heard about French Louie then you're probably someone who enjoys the outdoors and the good old days. If you haven't heard about him, he's the lovable hermit featured in Harvey Dunham's 1952 classic book, Adirondack French Louie -- Early Life in the North Woods.

Adirondack French Louie -- The BookIts simply a great book that captures the spirit of the hardy woodsmen who labored to log, clear and settle some of the toughest terrain in the continent. Lots of great stories and laughs about the guides, trappers, lumberjacks and innkeepers, the real people who made a living in the great northern frontier that was the Adirondacks of the late 1800s.
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Adirondack Adventures Wait a Minute... There's another book about French Louie and Harvey Dunham?

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Celebrate French Louie Day Each Year::
Herkimer County Announced French Louie Day on the 100th anniversary of Louie's death, February 27, 2015. Here are the details and proclamation.


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