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Adirondack Adventures -- Bob Gillespie and Harvey Dunham on French Louie's Trail
by Roy E. Reehil and William J. O'Hern

Adirondack Adventures
     While working on another project, authors Roy Reehil and William J. O'Hern stumbled on a treasure trove of documents few people had ever seen before. They were the photo-journals and correspondence of Harvey Dunham and his friend and mentor Bob Gillespie regarding their camping adventures in the Adirondacks between 1895 and 1924. Both authors had long admired the classic book, Adirondack French Louie -- Early Life in the North Woods by Harvey Dunham, and there before them were dozens of documents and photographs capturing Dunham's own Adirondack experiences. Over the next several years of digging, Reehil met the owners of Dunham's West Canada Creek camps, friends of Dunham who had rented camps from him in the 1940s and 50s and several descendents of Trume Haskell, one of French Louie's best friends. The resulting documents and pictures helped to paint an inspiring picture of the man who wrote the book Adirondack French Louie, along with lots of humorous insight into where the his incredible anecdotes about life in the Southern Adirondacks during the heyday of the lumberjack came from.

Here's a link to a review that was in the Syracuse newspapers and below are a couple unsolicited book reviews from members of the

Harve Dunham and Bob Gillespie     "Got it Thursday and I can't put it down. I live up here, a stones throw from Nobleboro... I have fished every foot of the West Crick from High Falls to Metcalf Brook. It's my backyard so to speak. This book is fantastic... it's like a missing link to Dunham's French Louie book. Hats off to the writers....job well done!! This book will be displayed proudly next to my 1970 reprint of Dunham's Adirondack French Louie... given to me by an old Woodsman from Tug Hill a year before he passed. If he was still alive he would be thrilled with this book as well."
--Forum Member: Nessmuk, 09-29-2012

     "Took my copy this past weekend to Limekiln Lake for a short sabbatical along with the appropriate topo maps for navigational interests. This book was unbelievably hard to put down. The chapters flowed so easily and it more or less transported ME back to an "easier" time. Thank you very much for this magnificent contribution. I would like to also say your writing style is very much in my opinion like Harvey Dunham's, I was very impressed."
--ADKForum member ADKPete, 08-13-2012

     So there you have it, straight from some real ADK aficionados! 288 pages, over 240 vintage photographs and maps, an index and bibliography and 100% pure Adirondack entertainment. A sure hit for both the outdoorsman and the history buff!

The book is available in both Hard Cover or Paperback from the Forager Press Adirondack Bookstore.

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